How can you not be romatic about baseball?

This was the phrase Billy Beane, used twice at “Moneyball”, great movie played by no less greater than Brad Pitt, and to my surprise, a true story. By now, you can see this doesn’t intend to be a review of any  type and the reason is simple, I’m a fan, but I wish I could understand better the rules of baseball.  It’s  still a wonderful game.

With this said, the purpose becomes clearer. I intend to talk about the  possibilities of the human being. The discussion that comes to light is the  natural ability of some players already planted in them at early ages, which could not develop their full potential for some reason. Even though the movie tries to prove statistics can be a very useful tool in many areas including scientific research, we’re still on the level of probabilities.

Regards to Billy Beane, I guess I have a very good argument  accepted by some approaches in Psychology and it’s called self-esteem and beliefs. It seems to be one of the hardest elements to change in personalities, no matter how brilliant these personalities are. Right below, I discuss some points on beliefs and the link on  self-esteem that I previously published in my blog. See how you  get this  and if the  25-year old character was just absolutely right.

In this little understanding of beliefs

Low self-esteem will usually cause a much harder time for the person seeing positive results from what they want to come from their power of attracting either physical achievement or relationship wise. The reasoning behind? Because they’ll simply block so much goodness from entering their lives almost without understanding. Consider whether you may be struggling with the beliefs below too:

1. Believing that you’re not “good enough”

Low self-esteem often causes people to compare themselves to others and find lacking somehow. You may believe that you’re not attractive enough, successful enough, glamorous enough, generous enough, good enough, or you just plain don’t deserve to be happy.

2. Believing that others deserve it more

Believing in a limited universe usually gives birth to a belief that there isn’t “enough” to go around, and by accepting something for yourself you may be denying others. This type of belief affirms that people are not as valuable as others and that you don’t deserve to have what you want if others don’t have what they want.

3. Believing that the universe is punishing you

That is a very good system of beliefs. If you were raised under the image of a negative universe (or God), you may walk around with a constant sense of guilt and fear that the universe is just waiting for a chance to sabotage you for doing something wrong. This fear can be very intense, so much so that there are no requests since the universe might deem them greedy or selfish.

4. Believing that it’s too good to be true

This goes along with the ones above, and usually happens to people used to having things going wrong all the time. If typically you hold negative expectations or believe you’re not worthy of abundance and goodness, you might be suspicious of anything positive the universe tries to send your way, and end up resisting it.These beliefs can be overcome when you learn how to love and respect yourself again. There are many ways to do so, but begin by speaking kindly to yourself, reminding of your deepest qualities, affirming that you’re a good and valuable person, and that you deserve to be happy and successful. Emphasize your strong points and be clear in what ‘goodies’ you have to offer the world. Over time, your self-esteem will begin to rise and you’ll find that you’re not resisting the arrival of goodness and abundance into your life anymore.

I believe what stands out here are some of  BB’s not so great characteristics showed in this awesome picture and masqueraded by his adaptable behavior. Well, I really wished he just took care of the Sox, since  I’m a fan and would like to see him winning together as well.

Self- Esteem Belief System


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