Guga Kuetner – the tennis player, the mentor and the Tennis Hall of Fame

Today in a meeting in Sao Paulo – Brazil, Guga, as Gustavo Kuertner is better known around the world, was celebrating his induction to the Tennis Hall of Fame. He declared to a Brazilian channel that he could ‘de-mystify’ tennis as a sport just for other countries by being one of the names in the International Hall of Fame now.

Together with Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and other big names of the sport, the Tennis Hall in Newport has a Brazilian participation now. Lots of work, family time investment and training, training, training made this event possible…

More than saying that this homage was absolutely well deserved, I would like to address the real Guga, the one who was 100% supported by his Mother and brothers, living in Florianopolis, in the South of the country. I personally, love the city, which a mixture of big city with good projects for expansion, and supported by what I call the best beaches of the South.

Gustavo, a family guy who had to retire very early due to injuries, still continues developing projects in his career, specially keeping a keen project with disadvantaged kids, who love tennis but don’t have access to this expensive sport. But most of all, the charisma that Guga has developed through his career is visible. It seems obvious that the passion once applied to the sport can be in any branch of what one originally fell for.

And after all, sorry for the series of compliments, justifying that they are all applicable in this case, I have to emphasize one last thing that a good observer can point out. Guga has some internal modesty, if I may say, in all this accomplishment. All he does is sharing with family and loyal friends, with the love for his homeland and in  the sincere tears he also expresses at moments like this.


4 thoughts on “Guga Kuetner – the tennis player, the mentor and the Tennis Hall of Fame

  1. I can’t remember exactly what I said previous but these are my thoughts today…Because I too know…being raised in an abusive household, I can relate…there are those of ruthless power, then there are those he think themselves “Don Juan’s”, who seek to destroy another s spirit, as a cover for their transgressions…(promiscuity, drinking, gambling, etc…they are more naked in the seeing eyes of those around them than they realize…The world calls it a disease, I call it what it is – a abuse that the abuser uses to bridge and feed their their fully developed EGO. they have this unconquerable urge to receive love and admiration, but are unable to give it, this thing whatever it is that has claimed evil driven…

    • Just advising that this is related to the “Another Rihanna story” blog…
      Well said Gilda! It’s very hard to even classify and more to judge abusers…In general, you possibly know that the agressor comes with his history as well. So perpetrating is just a consequence and this explains History of violence itself. My point is more to show that independently of the level there’s the fact and the potential to it…all of them should be considered. This also remains true to violence in society as a whole, and as you see we have a long topic in here.
      Thanks for the input!

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